Latin America: The China of 2020 and its Growing Middle Class

Allow me to elaborate on the last post. According to a United Nations estimate, Latin America’s 21 countries will have about 670 million people by 2020, with some of its countries representing a .83% compounded annual population growth rate. As a point of reference, the figure would nearly double the North American population...

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Latin America: The China of 2020

Practically every time I discuss the future of global business opportunities, specifically when it comes to new emerging international markets, China always finds its way into the conversation. It does not matter whether the conversation is with a potential client looking for new growth or a fellow international veteran currently...

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Time to Strike the Latin American Insurance Boom

Nov 13, 12 Time to Strike the Latin American Insurance Boom

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Insurance stands amid the numerous thriving industries in Latin America—and not just that kidnap ransom kind, but every kind of insurance. Liberty Mutual began Latin American insurance efforts in 1995, and Latin American countries have an opportunity for more competitors. 1  The Latin American insurance market can be broken down...

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Hispanics: Social Media Socialites

Remember your old MySpace friend, Tom? Well, even he’s ditched MySpace for bigger and better social networks. In a digital world full of social networks, only one stands as the social network of choice worldwide: Facebook. Eighty-one percent of American adults age 18 and up have Facebook accounts, and over half of them check/update...

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The Revolution of Social Media

By Nicole Hernandez, social media specialist, at The San Jose Group “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” – Erik Qualman According to Edison Research, last year, 68% of Americans using social networks said that none of those networks had influence on their buying decisions. This...

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Painful Advertising Mistakes – #6

We continue our blog on Painful Advertising Mistakes when launching a campaign to a multicultural market. Rule: Realize transculturation is an obstacle worldwide and must be considered in your marketing campaigns. Breast Milk Baby These cultural nuances are not simply a one way street, and cultural misunderstandings in marketing...

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