Are you getting through to your audience? Successful campaigns are still about the message

Jan 06, 14 Are you getting through to your audience? Successful campaigns are still about the message

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By George L. San Jose, President and Chief Creative Officer Marketers are always searching for how and where to get the best ROI, and the answer is always the same: brands that develop creative insights aligned with consumer needs and expectations and allocate adequate resources to reach their target consumer will always achieve far better marketing success than those that don’t. I know the answer sounds simplistic…and it is. The key lies in the message, the channel and the resources. The right message in the wrong channel – no matter how much money placed behind it – will always fall flat. It’s like placing a lamp under the table; the light would represent insightful creative, yet no one gets to see it. On the other hand, the right message in the right channel with the right media weight is like a beacon shining from a hilltop. So the pursuit of finding this right balance is really the approach for developing a winning strategy and accomplishing marketing success. Mastering this fine balance comes from experience. The other critical component in a successful marketing equation is targeting effectively. In effect, investing against the real customers and not the marketer’s personal experience. There are too many retail and packaged goods professionals that year after year continue to market to the likes of themselves, or just as flawed, to the same old they knew from yesteryear. Please research your consumer thoroughly and leave your belief system at home. I see too many disjointed communications strategies and they usually all have one thing in common: either the market demographics and psychographics have changed and aren’t being addressed by the marketer…or even worse, the unseasoned marketer has an obtuse impression of the customer in their mind so the fate of their brand is limited to the personal experience of the inexperienced. Last week I was having lunch with one of our clients and approached the subject carefully to get an inside look as to what is currently happening on the...

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