Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 3 & 4

Jan 06, 12 Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 3 & 4

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Mixed Martial Arts: Fox Sports and UFC have recently announced the broadcasting of mixed martial art (MMA) fights across 18 Latin American countries. Its growing popularity among Latinos should not be seen as a surprise, after all. AT&T tapped into this relationship in 2008, hiring Lopez family Olympic Tae-Kwon-Do champions to appear in TV commercials. Further back, MMA actually is a 1960s Brazilian invention, as the world-renown Gracie family promoted “anything goes” bear-hand contests to prove the superiority of Jiu-Jitsu, now an almost mandatory specialty among octagon gladiators. Leveraging MMA fighters to endorse products is one obvious way to promote brands, driving consumption directly among Hispanic males, or more widely positioning a brand along aggression, power and skillfulness attributes, as valued by a younger generation of modern Latinos across the Americas. Dance Music Renaissance: Evolving in ebbs and flows over the years, electronic dance music is enjoying a mild renaissance, largely driven by the Latino youth in the U.S. and abroad. Top international publication DJ Mag is launching its Latin American magazine this year, celebrated with a VIP party at Buenos Aires’ Crobar last month. NPR’s weekly nationwide radio music show Alt.Latino showcases new artistic experiments, such as hip-hop samba from Brazil, electro Tango from Argentina, heavy-metal merenge from Mexico, etc. And erupting into the mainstream, DJ Kaskade’s popularity is being fueled by Latino-centric Miami and LA club scenes, which are catapulting him across global DJ rankings: top 200 in 2008, #51 in 2009, #35 in 2010, and potentially higher up in coming polls. As a stereotype buster, the fact that Kaskade is non-Hispanic attests to the largely cosmopolitan nature of many Latino clubbers. In this context, brands seeking coolness and popularity can try to connect with influential subcultures at a grassroots level. In the media space, there are numerous opportunities for ultra-modern movie soundtracks, as well as for TV commercials playing Techno music (beyond traditional spots featuring Japanese cars). Other branding possibilities are considered next. Check back in the coming weeks for additional Latino...

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