A Phenomenal Opportunity to Drive and Create New Business While Maintaining and Strengthening Relationships with Current Consumers

The make-up of the American marketplace is constantly changing and evolving. Today, the Hispanic population has climbed to more than 50 million, and companies are beginning to realize the importance of this powerful market segment. If one can develop brand loyalty with this booming consumer segment now, just imagine what the possibilities could be down the road. One way to begin is through consumer loyalty programs. Many companies have programs which reward their consumers for sticking with their brand. Giving away rewards such as airline miles, cash and discounts on future purchases invoke strong and positive emotions towards the company and have made rewards programs a vital aspect of marketing campaigns, no matter how big or small. Loyalty programs seek to increase customer awareness by raising satisfaction and value [2]. Therefore, by creating loyalty programs specifically tailored towards the Hispanic population, and their wants and needs, companies can begin the process of not just capturing, but maintaining this ever growing market segment. The Hispanic market presents huge upside and massive potential in regards to loyalty programs: — According to a recent study, an astounding 38% of Hispanic consumers credit loyalty programs as the reason they choose a brand or company over another, compared to only 27% of the general population [6]. — In addition, over the last two years, participation in loyalty programs rose over 14% in the Hispanic market. — Hispanics also tend to find loyalty rewards programs far more relevant than the general population. On a scale of 1-10, from “not at all relevant” to “extremely relevant,” Hispanics scored highest with an average of 6.9 compared to other market segments which scored as low as 5.7 [4]. — Hispanics have also shown that their involvement in loyalty programs is extremely high. 40% of Hispanic participants stated extreme involvement with loyalty programs [3]. — A Yankelvich study reported that 58% of Hispanics agree “it is risky to buy a brand you are not familiar with” [1] this means that it is extremely important...

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American Family Insurance Explores the Hispanic Interpretation of the American Dream in New Ad Campaign

Oct 05, 11 American Family Insurance Explores the Hispanic Interpretation of the American Dream in New Ad Campaign

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Like many other foreign-born consumers living in the United States, Hispanics tend to have a strong appreciation of what the “American Dream” represents. Often times coming from difficult situations in their native countries, their past experiences shape how they define the concept. American Family Insurance, in partnership with The San Jose Group (SJG), explores this in its latest Hispanic market advertising campaign, “American Dreams.” Consisting of television, radio, print and online executions, the campaign utilizes inspirational factors and messaging. “Our research uncovered that the American Dream for foreign-born Hispanics in the United States pertains to a dream being realized, and has a much stronger significance for them than for their American-born counterparts,” said Jim Legg, executive vice president of leadership and innovation at SJG. “Being able to work, provide for their family, give their children a good education and having opportunities is their interpretation of the American Dream.” The foundation of the campaign is that all things are possible for those who dream. The creative focuses on a father and his teenage son, who dreams about the excitement and glory of being a racecar driver. In the different executions, the father brings his son back to reality while an American Family Insurance agent conveys the message that the company offers protection for every family’s dreams. “The campaign ties together the possibility for prosperity, and how American Family Insurance is an avid supporter of dreams and protecting them with our policies and services,” said Telisa Yancy, advertising director at American Family Insurance. “One example highlighted in the creative is our Teen Safe Driver program, which can help reduce risky teenage driving behavior by up to 70 percent.” To view the “American Dreams” campaign TV spots, “El Soñador” and “Joven Conductor,” please click on the hyperlinks below: El Soñador Joven Conductor For more information about this topic please email sjgpr@sjadv.com. For more information about the San Jose Group please visit...

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