AOL’s Hispanic Cyberstudy – A Closer Look

Recently, AOL partnered with Cheskin to release its 2010 Hispanic Cyberstudy, a look at Hispanics online. Going through the results of the study, we wanted to look at some of the main themes explored that will affect any marketer looking to connect with the segment online: Online vs. offline Hispanics It’s interesting to see how the online Hispanic population differs from the offline community in terms of acculturation levels. Offline, you’ll notice that the majority of U.S. Hispanics fall into the Hispanic dominant category (52%). Conversely, 46 % of online Hispanics are categorized as U.S. dominant (prefer English, US-born, etc.), followed by biculturals and, lastly, the Hispanic dominant users. However, when you compare online Hispanics to the general market population online, you’ll see that some of the same trends that apply to the Hispanic market as a whole still remain true. Online Hispanics are still younger, with larger households – 46% are under 35 years old, as opposed to 28% of the entire U.S. online population. The role of the Internet AOL’s study finds that 72% of online Hispanics trust product rating sites, versus 28% that have more confidence in friends’ opinions. This can have important implications for WOM practices in the Hispanic market – especially for this younger, English-dominant, bicultural segment. A full 64% of online Hispanics consider the Internet the best place to keep up with current events, signaling an opportunity for Hispanic PR practitioners. In second place, 57% go online to find deals. In general, the Internet informs Hispanic purchasing decisions, with the most popular activities including price comparison and finding where to buy a product. Early adopters We’ve long heard that Hispanics are early adopters of technology, especially in the wireless industry where this segment often overindexes on mobile data applications and other products. However, the AOL study makes an interesting point – technological sophistication doesn’t necessarily dominate only among bicultural/US-dominant Hispanics. Quite the opposite – less acculturated Hispanics were most likely to be early adopters and considered tech experts by family and friends.  Identifying...

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The San Jose Network enters into strategic alliance with TAAN

Feb 23, 10 The San Jose Network enters into strategic alliance with TAAN

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As the anchor to the San Jose Network, we are excited to announce that SJN has entered into an alliance with TAAN, one of the largest global networks of independent advertising agencies. George and Deborah traveled to Cancun this past weekend to meet with Peter and other executives from TAAN and formalize the partnership.   For more information, check out our official announcement: Independent Agency Networks Partner to Create Unprecedented Alliance TAAN and SJN join forces to give clients global access, localized expertise The Transworld Advertising Agency Network (TAAN) and the San Jose Network (SJN) have announced a global alliance that will share resources and expertise through the cooperative operations of both networks. TAAN is a leading global independent agency network, and SJN is the largest marketing communications group servicing cultural convergent markets in the U.S. and Latin America. The alignment will create a significant footprint of expertise that spans every continent, with a combined network of 69 agencies in over 65 countries and a presence in 87 markets. The networks total $1.1 billion dollars in combined global billings. Executives from both networks met in Mexico this past week to formalize the alliance and develop plans for leveraging their combined footprint to bring even greater opportunities to their members and clients. The global alliance of TAAN and SJN will allow member agencies and their respective clients to meet the challenges of an increasingly global marketplace with strategic and actionable solutions. “This alliance is truly a game-changer for today’s brands and will provide expertise, local knowledge and insight into economically important regions and cultures,” stated Peter Gerritsen, president of TAAN.  “Some of our members were looking to tap into the growing U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets, and SJN delivered the best model to achieve that objective. Joining forces enhances all of our members’ expanded reach and capabilities,” he added. All members of both networks are independent agencies, highly regarded in their respective markets. Clients who engage the networks for marketing programs in multiple markets...

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