Cultural Convergence Marketing – Addressing the New “General Market”

In our business, the term “General Market” has come to have a specific definition – we have known it over the years to describe the population that has comprised the largest mass of the population, namely “non-Hispanic whites.” The “General Market” has traditionally commanded the lion’s share of marketing budgets and attention, while the ethnic segments have played a supporting role. This brings up an interesting question: how do terms like this that have been in play for so long evolve when the world and marketplace outgrow them?   Based on observations of shifts in demographics, the term “General Market,” as we once knew it, is no longer relevant. Just like we use ethnic specific terms like Hispanic and African-American, perhaps it’s time to call the Anglo segment what it is: Anglo.   Why is that? Anglos are no longer the “General Market Population” the way they once were. They no longer account for 50% or more in some very critical demographics and markets. Nationally, they still comprise more than 50% of the total population but let’s take a look at the composition at a more granular level.   Consider this: In the top 25 metropolitan markets, between the ages of 18-44, Anglos make up only 48% of the total population while the Multicultural Market (Hispanic, African-American and Asian) makes up 52%. The so-called “minority” is now the “majority” in this key age group of 18-44 and in the markets that make or break a “national campaign.” With this being the case, do we reassign who the term General Market is meant to describe or do we need to come up with a new term altogether, a new approach?   In anticipation of this changing environment, we have adopted a new way of viewing and addressing the marketplace. We call it Cultural Convergence Marketing. We define it as, “The deliberate practice of designing marketing communications strategies that appeal to the common connection points found across all segments of a brand’s total market customer base.” If...

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Big Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Brazil

Oct 19, 09 Big Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Brazil

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I recently had the pleasure of appearing on a Crain’s Chicago Business Today video segment to talk about the San Jose Network’s perspective on Brazil winning the 2016 Olympic bid. There is great potential for U.S. companies expanding into Latin America, especially since Brazil will host both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. From our perspective, just because the U.S. lost the bid, doesn’t mean that U.S. companies will not be able to profit from the games. In the interview, I emphasized the importance of companies implementing marketing strategies as soon as possible to enter the region and effectively build brand loyalty. Are you already looking at Brazil as a business opportunity? Are you prepared to begin building your marketing efforts now to maximize the 2014-2016 opportunity? What are your biggest challenges with this...

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