SJG Helps Distribute 8,200 Backpacks!

Aug 18, 09 SJG Helps Distribute 8,200 Backpacks!

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This past Saturday, SJG-ers helped HCCA, ComEd and Magnum Insurance distribute 8,200 backpacks to kids from throughout the Chicagoland area for the annual Mente Futura program. I had the opportunity to attend the event and see the volunteers in action! Last weekend, to set up the event for this past Saturday, more than 100 volunteers donated their time to help stuff 8,200 backpacks with school supplies and prepare them for distribution. Volunteers arrived bright and early at 8 a.m. and dedicated several hours to help make the event a success. As Ericka, SJG’s account manager, said, “It was very rewarding!” The big day came this past Saturday as pastors, families and children from more than 80 Hispanic churches from throughout the city arrived at Centro Familiar Vida Nueva to pick up their free backpacks. Again, volunteers donated time on their Saturday to staff the event and make things happen.   This was a great event for several reasons: It utilized a network of very important community groups – Hispanic churches – to reach and benefit children who truly needed these resources. It allowed sponsors to see their support in action. Everyone that attended the event actually got to see kids excited to get their free backpack live, instead of writing a check and not having that opportunity to see the results firsthand. It gave SJG-ers an opportunity to volunteer their time and directly participate in an event that benefits our community. Visit our Facebook page for more photos from the...

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Viral Video Gets Boost from Traditional Media

One of today’s posts on is a brief story about a Brazilian ad campaign for SOS Mata Atlantica that went viral. Without getting into the debate that has started in the comments section about the campaign’s actual message (it encourages people to pee in the shower to conserve water), I found it interesting that this viral campaign is actually one that started with very traditional media executions: TV and radio spots, print and outdoor. And it was an extended segment on a news program that sparked the viral activity around the campaign. What does this say about the argument that traditional media is dead? What role does traditional media play in the process of viral distribution of content and word of mouth? Is there a difference in the importance of the medium when we’re discussing advertising and editorial? What are your...

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